Malaysia’s smart hospitals will be built on new highly digitised infrastructure and enhanced management systems.

Puvanesan, Co-Founder / Advisor

Comprehensive, Scalable,
Robust & Fully- Compliant

  • Cloud Enabled Seamless Connectivity

  • Single Host - Multi Unit Deployment

  • Responsive Application

  • GenX Technology Stack

  • Microservice Architecture

  • Multi-Lingual Applications

  • Security Standards Compliant

  • Enterprise Interoperability

  • Seamless Integrations

  • Inbuilt Teleconsult & Mobility

  • International Code Standard Compliance

  • Browser Based - Ease of Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Futuristic Smart Component Enabled


Efficient, Effective
Cost-Optimised & HIPAA Compliant

  1. Data Access Control

    Controlled access to users with unique identifiers for patients and business entities

  2. Reliable User Authorisation

    Multi-factor and multi-level authentication built for scalability and performance

  3. Activity Audit

    All events, data and access are logged and monitored

  4. Data Security

    All data is encrypted with AES128/356 cipher

  1. System Integrity

    Multi-layered structure with separately controlled access to each layer and communications are encrypted with SSL/TSL

  2. Application Security

    Protected with Web Application Firewall from all possible attack vectors inclusive of the OSWAP Top 10

  3. Anti-Tampering

    Built-in mechanisms to protect from data tampering with encryption and digital signatures with SSL/TLS

  4. Server Security

    All servers are protected with Centre for Internet Security hardening benchmarks

We are committed to creating and implementing patient-centric health information solutions, assuring key medical record information is always accessible to providers, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare organisations, thus
enhancing patient care and public health.

DATUK PUVANESAN - Co-Founder / Advisor

One of the aims of digitalisation is to
increase the efficiency of our healthcare sector and reduce the financial burden impacting it. One immediate example is the establishment of a national Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for everyone in the country.

Dato' Mohamed Sharil - CHAIRMAN