Malaysia’s smart hospitals will be built on new highly digitised infrastructure and enhanced management systems.

Puvanesan, Co-Founder / Advisor

Comprehensive, Scalable,
Robust & Fully- Compliant

  • Cloud Enabled Seamless Connectivity

  • Single Host - Multi Unit Deployment

  • Responsive Application

  • GenX Technology Stack

  • Microservice Architecture

  • Multi-Lingual Applications

  • Security Standards Compliant

  • Enterprise Interoperability

  • Seamless Integrations

  • Inbuilt Teleconsult & Mobility

  • International Code Standard Compliance

  • Browser Based - Ease of Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Futuristic Smart Component Enabled


Efficient, Effective
Cost-Optimised & HIPAA Compliant

  1. Data Access Control

    Controlled access to users with unique identifiers for patients and business entities

  2. Reliable User Authorisation

    Multi-factor and multi-level authentication built for scalability and performance

  3. Activity Audit

    All events, data and access are logged and monitored

  4. Data Security

    All data is encrypted with AES128/356 cipher

  1. System Integrity

    Multi-layered structure with separately controlled access to each layer and communications are encrypted with SSL/TSL

  2. Application Security

    Protected with Web Application Firewall from all possible attack vectors inclusive of the OSWAP Top 10

  3. Anti-Tampering

    Built-in mechanisms to protect from data tampering with encryption and digital signatures with SSL/TLS

  4. Server Security

    All servers are protected with Centre for Internet Security hardening benchmarks

One of the aims of digitalisation is to
increase the efficiency of our healthcare sector and reduce the financial burden impacting it. One immediate example is the establishment of a national Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for everyone in the country.

Dato' Mohamed Sharil - CHAIRMAN

Together, we can change the idea and concepts of
healthcare, today. Only, with healthcare enhancements, we can then improve the quality and standards of healthcare services, enabling a healthier population.

Luqman - Business Development Director

We are committed to creating and implementing patient-centric health information solutions, assuring key medical record information is always accessible to providers, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare organisations, thus
enhancing patient care and public health.

DATUK PUVANESAN - Co-Founder / Advisor