Patient’s App

DIGITAL MEDTECH SOLUTIONS has its own proprietary patient’s mobile dashboard and interface which is accessible on both Apple and Android devices. This application enables all patient’s to have complete visibility of their medical records from the privacy and comfort of their home. It also gives every patient accessibility, to schedule clinic or hospital appointments, update or refer diagnosis and generate reports, as and when applicable. Hospitals can also share lists of medications, lab tests results and other relevant health care information to each and every patient.

Patient Profile.

Schedule Appointments.

Alerts and Notifications :
Patients can get alerts and notifications regarding appointments, medicine reminders, health tips, disease prediction in the form of SMS and native app alerts.

EMR on Fingertips :
Patients clinical data management (view/creation) across all healthcare providers (clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres) and all visits.

View Medical Records – Vital Signs, Visit Details, Notes, Diagnosis.

Patient’s History : Patient’s history data entry/upload (Radiology images, laboratory reports, Case Papers)

Care Team : Patients can create care team comprising of frequently visited or consulted doctors/hospitals.