Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Clinical Data Management

Patient’s demographic details.

Patient search with various search strings.

Patient’s visit (Outpatient and Inpatient) history and trail.

Patient’s medical history of the Patient.

Patient’s billing details and sponsor.

Case Sheet Information. (Clinical Findings, Diagnosis ICD-10, Local Examination, Developmental History, Birth History, Immunisation History, Family History, Past History, Drugs and Allergies, Vaccinations, Advise, Notes).

Template creation facility for Case Sheet Information details like clinical findings and history details per department/ specialisation.

Prescription/ Medication Advise with template creation facility and Digital Prescription Pen Interface, Pharmacy Stock Interactions for Availability,

Drug-Drug Interactions, Drug-Dose Interaction, Drug-Clinical Findings Interaction, Drug-Diagnosis Interaction, Doctor Favourite Drugs.