Our dietary management module is designed to benefit the hospital’s dietician and kitchen in planning and arranging appropriate meals to inpatients, as prescribed by the doctor. Ordering and monitoring of every patient’s diet is the primary function of the DIGITAL MEDTECH SOLUTIONS’ dietary management software module.

For each day, based on the bed occupancy and the type of meal scheduled, a list of items to be prepared will be generated to be handed over to the hospital kitchen.

Provision to categorise food item into groups for ease of recommendation.

The calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items can be captured.

Facility to capture recipes of food items and proportionate quantities of the ingredients used to prepare a meal.

Dietician can create day wise meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner individually and schedule the same for any period from the application.

Highly customisable meal plan. The dieticians can modify meal plans as required and schedule the same for subsequent days.